ontspanningsmassage 45 min
  • Classic relaxation massage 45 minutes - Klassische Entspannungsmassage 45 Minuten
ontspanningsmassage 60 min
  • Classic relaxation massage 60 minutes - Klassische Entspannungsmassage 60 Minuten
Hammam massage 60 min
  • 60 min. Hammam treatment - 60 min. Hammam Behandlung
Hammam massage 90 min
  • 90 min. Hammam treatment - 90 min. Hammam Behandlung
lomi -lomi massage
  • 90 min. Lomi-lomi
Lomi-Lomi massage
  • 60 min. Lomi-Lomi massage
Hotstone massage 60 min
  • 60 min. hotstone treatment - 60 min. Hotstone Behandlung
Hotstone massage 90 min
  • 90 min. Hotstone treatment - 90 min. Hotstone Behandlung
Balinese massage 60 min
  • Balinese massage 60 min
Face treat 30 min.
  • Face treat 30 min.
body packing 60 min.
  • body packing 60 min.
Scrub treat 30 min
  • Scrub treat 30 min
Body treat 90 min
  • body scrub, body packing 90min.


Maak jouw verblijf bij Dunez compleet met een heerlijke ontspanningsmassage. Complete your stay at Dunez with a relaxation massage.


Bij Dunez hebben wij een sfeervolle massageruimte. Geniet hier van een heerlijke onspanningsmassage. Onze masseurs zijn gediplomeerd. Bij Dunez ervaart u dus een professionele massage. Wij werken met heerlijke cocos olie en zuivere olijfzeep.



In de doucheruimtes kunt je heerlijk warm afdouchen. Hier kun je ook vrij gebruik maken van douchegel.


Speciaal voor onze daggasten hebben wij een mooie kleedruimte met lockers om jouw spullen veilig op te bergen.

Gratis parkeren op eigen terrein

Parkeren is bij Dunez geen probleem. Voor onze gasten zijn voldoende parkeerplaatsen op ons terrein beschikbaar.

Massage conditions

A massage is pure relaxation. The skin is very sensitive to touch. A massage reduces stress (causing 90% of all diseases), stimulates blood circulation and leaves the waste better leaving our body. But above all a massage is just enjoy. Read this information carefully and discuss any complaints with the masseur to adjust the massage to your situation. It is also possible that the massage can not take place based on the following information and you should first consult a doctor or massage in your situation.
 A massage at Dunez is a relaxation massage and is not intended to remedy complaints.
 Unfortunately, people over 125kg can not use the massages because the massage table can not handle this weight.
 A massage treatment is excluding the admission fee. Our masseur gives you a professional massage, definitely no sexual acts. Erotic actions are not bullied.
 If the house rules are clearly broken, unforeseen circumstances occur or for any reason, massage can be terminated. The costs that are charged are for the time that is massaged.
 Your identity and privacy are guaranteed. Sensitive information that endangers your identity and privacy will never be discussed with third parties
 It is desirable that you pre-expand your shower. There is a shower available free of charge.
 In case of flu, fever, severe cold and an infectious disease, no appointment can be made. Do you have physical, psychological or medical complaints, DO NOT COVER THIS! Report this immediately when making an appointment.
 If you are extremely unwell and unhygienic, I am in my position to refuse my services to you.
 If you only book a massage, this does not entitle you to free use of the wellness facilities. Of course, this can be booked.
 Rates may change over time. First, check the pricing page before making an appointment.
 Refund is not possible.
Make or cancel an appointment
 Massaging is only by appointment.
 Appointments can be made through the booking form on this website, or by telephone.
 There are no long waiting times. You can meet in the short term, for example on the same day. Whoever comes first, first served.
 Cancel should be done in a timely manner. This can be by phone or by e-mail.

Are you looking for a massage but do not you know when it is wise to be or not to be massaged? Below are guidelines that most masseurs use. Is your situation unique or do you want further clarifications? Let me know by contacting me.
No massage possible if you:
 are under 18 years old
 have an infectious disease such as flu
 over exhausted
 suffer from a migraine attack
 skin irritation or burns.
 Being mentally unbalanced (psychosis, excessive, overweight or extremely panic).
 Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
 have heart or vascular complaints Consult your GP first.
 Restores serious injuries or major surgery.
 Restores a bone fracture (this part of the body can not be massaged)
 have severe hay fever
 heavier than 125kg
Do you meet all criteria? Then you are FITTED to be massaged.
Our masseurs are graduated. At Dunez you will experience a professional massage. We work with delicious coconut oil and pure olive soap. A massage treatment is exclusive of the admission fee. Our masseur gives you a professional massage, definitely no sexual acts. Erotic actions are not bullied.
Visit our atmospheric and fully-equipped massage room, and make an appointment for a massage.

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