A warm welcome to Dunez men only

The Dunez site is men only and only accessible to men aged 18 and older (in case of doubt, ID check) Men who are also physically men.

Check in and out

check-in is from 12:00. The room or cabana may not be ready by then, but you can use the facilities of Dunez. When checking out, we ask you to vacate the pitch, room or cabana before 11:00. If you also want to use the wellness on the day of departure, this is possible at a reduced rate. (late checkout)


The towels in your room or cabana are for use in your room. Towels that need to be replaced can be placed on the floor in the bathroom. towels that you still use can be hung on the rack. You can also use these towels in our wellness area. Would you like extra towels for the wellness? These are available at the reception at an additional cost. Camping guests use their own towels in the wellness.


Breakfast is included in your cabana or room rate and is served in the restaurant between 09:00 and 11:00. From 12:00 to 00:00 you can enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks in the restaurant. but also for lunch or dinner. The kitchen is open until 8:30 PM. There may be different opening times in the early and late season. Breakfast or fresh bread rolls are also available for camping guests at an additional cost.


At Dunez, the choice is yours. In the garden you can recreate the way you want. (swimming) clothing or naked. Swimwear is not allowed inside the wellness area. Wearing slippers is recommended because of safety and hygiene. You can use your own slippers or buy slippers at the reception. Wearing a bathrobe or towel is recommended in the restaurant.


The wellness is open daily from 12:00 – 22:00 h


Place your camping equipment at the place on the campsite designated by Dunez. Each place is clearly indicated with a place number. Your car must be parked immediately after placing your camping equipment in our parking lot.

You may in no way inconvenience the other guests. Dogs must be kept on a leash or in a crate or cage. Music on the campsite is allowed until 10:00-23:00 but ensure a modest volume due to the noise. nuisance. After 0:00 we ask you to respect the night’s rest of the other guests. In case of serious violations, we will ask you to leave the site immediately. You must therefore comply with this immediately.

Waste and electricity at the campsite.

You must separate waste on the campsite. Use the designated waste bins. If you do not want to separate the waste, we request that you take your waste with you. We do not accept unsorted waste. Electricity
Electricity is not included, KWH are charged € 0.60 per kWh


There is no supervision at the baths. Taking a shower prior to a sauna round is mandatory at all times. After using one of the facilities, you should also first shower the perspiration from your body before using the other facilities such as swimming pool, whirlpool or sunbeds.
Use of towels on the sunbeds is mandatory
you can leave your personal belongings in the lockers in the changing room. The management is not liable for the loss of goods and valuables.

Diving is not allowed in the pool.

Please note that the heaters in the sauna and the steam outlet in the steam cabin can be hot. The visit to Dunez and the use of the facilities is always at your own risk. If you have medical complaints, we request that you first consult a doctor or obtain information from one of our employees. Even if you undergo treatment with us, we urge you to report medical complaints, allergies and other details with your reservation or to the employees.

Food and drink

Consuming your own food or drinks is not allowed in the garden and restaurant. Of course in your room, in your cabana or at the campsite. The restaurant and wellness are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed on the terrace and in the garden
Disruptive behavior, both verbally and non-verbally, is not allowed
Alcoholic drinks are not served to drunk people. We can deny you access in case of excessive alcohol consumption.


Pets are not allowed in the guesthouse or cabana. Pets are allowed on the campsite provided they do not cause any nuisance in any way. However, pets from your visit are not welcome.

Towels, TV, hairdryer, bathrobes etc. are there to make your stay in your room at Dunez a pleasant one. You must leave these items in the room upon check-out. Missing these items will be billed to you. Theft is always reported.


Visitors are welcome in your room up to a maximum of 2 people. When extra people stay overnight, the maximum number of people per room may never be exceeded. Extra nights must always be reported to the reception. You must always report a visit to the campsite at the reception and you can stay at the campsite during the day for a small additional cost. Visitors who also use the wellness must pay the normal entrance daily rate. A guest at the campsite must register at the reception. An additional amount is due for guests. As a guest you are responsible for the behavior of your guest, we will address both you and your guest about this if necessary. The visitor rate is always booked at your camping pitch. Visits that have not been reported will be charged to you as a guest.


Parking on the Dunez site is free for our guests. Maximum 1 car per pitch or room, each additional car at an additional cost. The barrier at the front of the road also closes at 23:00 for your safety. However, this can be opened manually for you so that you have access to the car park. The campsite barrier may not be opened manually. You will be given a key fob to enter the campsite upon check-in. You should use the car as little as possible on the campsite. Cars are not allowed on the campsite between 22:00 and 08:00.

Camera surveillance

We watch over your and our property by means of CCTV.


Feel free to take pictures of Dunez. However, it is not allowed to take pictures of other guests because of privacy.


The possession, use and dealing of drugs is strictly prohibited on the entire site.
Possession of weapons is prohibited. ZERO TOLERANCE! you must immediately leave the Dunez site upon discovery of drug possession or drug use. Refund is not possible.

Aggression, racism, sexual harassment or other disruptive behavior is not allowed.
Overt (visible to others) sexual acts are not tolerated.

No nuisance in any form for the neighbourhood.

Front desk

Reception and bar are closed between 11:00 and 12:00. Payment on departure day at check out. If you stay longer, please do not choose your payment time between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. this because of the busyness in the restaurant.


Showering is compulsory for the use of the sauna, swimming pool, steam bath or whirlpool.


Keep an eye on the time and do not stay too long in the sauna or steam bath. Your body may overheat and you may become unwell.

No sex acts in the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, showers or steam sauna.

In case of inadmissible behavior, access to the wellness facilities can be denied.

Use of poppers in the steam cabin is prohibited. the warm humid air and poppers are a dangerous combination.

Respect each other.

Prostitution is not allowed.

Please keep you to our house rules. In case of violation of the rules, the management can deny you access

This is how we keep Dunez fun for everyone.

If you have any questions, problems or wishes, you can always contact Coen or Martien. however, also respect our privacy.