noord Brabants museum

The museum shows art, culture and history of North Brabant. The government palace has been restored in its original state, modern extensions create an exciting new environment. Sparkling presentations give a picture of the richness of Brabant art, history and culture.
Source: museum card.

Tilburg Fair

Over 200 attractions, 3 kilometers fun fair, 1.5 million visitors. The top day is Pink Monday with over 300,000 visitors. Pink Monday is the day that you can be yourself. A colorful party where everyone is welcome. Every year we celebrate our differences and similarities with more than 300,000 people. We are all equal, but not the same. On Pink Monday you walk safely with your husband or wife across the street. We stand for equality and put extra emphasis on Pink Monday.
Of course, Tilburg is also a nice city for shopping or a cozy drink.
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Waalwijk is a nice place for shopping or enjoying a nice terrace, and it is close by.


The hamlet of Giersbergen consists of a number of old, thatched, long gable farms. Certainly nice to walk through. Various walking and cycling routes start from Giersbergen.


Enjoy the most beautiful moments together in the Efteling.
There is a place where you forget the world around you for a moment. Where you float one moment between trolls and elves in Droomvlucht and the other moment to battle against the dragon in the double wooden racerachtbaan Joris and the Dragon. Where the little ones travel with Jokie and Jet in Carnival Festival and daredevils with 90 km / h collapse of the gold mine of Baron 1898.
Experience the most beautiful moments in the Efteling together. A place where young and old have enjoyed countless fairy tales, exciting attractions and enchanting shows for 65 years.
Spend a visit to the new indoor family attraction Symbolica this summer! Let yourself be carried away by magical rooms in this Palace of Fantasy and fall from one surprise to another.
In this World of Miracles you enjoy together every moment of the year. Be enchanted by beautiful blossoms in the spring and enjoy the extra long days in the summer. In autumn, let yourself be blown away by the many colors in the Fairytale Forest and see the Efteling in the winter turn into a fairytale world full of twinkling lights, ice fun and warm bonfires.
Efteling. World full of Miracles.
(Source: country of ANWB)

National Monument Camp Vught

National Monument Camp Vught is located on a part of the former SS Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch. Between January 1943 and September 1944, more than 31,000 people were detained for a short or longer period of time. The outdoor area with scale model gives an idea of the size of the terrain. The crematorium is authentic, just like the fence and a moat dug by prisoners. In the reconstructed prison barrack next to the watchtowers the visitor gets an impression of the camp life.
Barak 1B, part of National Monument Camp Vught, is the last remaining barrack of the former Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch. There is the permanent exhibition If the walls could speak, see Kamp Vught in and after the war.
(source Museum card)


There is so much to do and experience in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Due to its versatility, the city does not disappoint anyone. For the fanatical culture sniffers there are the museums, cruises and city walks. The shopaholics can go completely loose in the various shopping streets. The children enjoy themselves during the different activities. What can not be forgotten between the companies is to enjoy a snack and a drink at one of the cozy cafes and restaurants that you find in the city center. What is really something for you? We would like to introduce you to some proposals!
Visit the square De Markt
Of all the squares, the Market is the oldest square in the city. Even today, the square is still the bustling center of the city.
The Binnendieze has meant a lot to the city over the years. ‘s-Hertogenbosch arose as a small walled city, the size of the Markt and a number of other streets. Later the city was walled once again, this time the size of the current city center. The rivers within the walls were named De Binnendieze. The Binnendieze was used as a water supply, washing place and fishing place, but also as a waste dump. Until about 40 years ago, the water was still an open sewer. The Binnendieze slowly disappeared due to the construction of a sewer system in the city. There was a stick in 1972. The fairway became a protected urban area. The water under the city is now rightly one of the historical attractions of ‘s-Hertogenbosch!
visit the Sint Jan cathedral. This magisterial church, built between 1370 and 1529, has a tower that partly dates from the 13th century and is the pride of the city. The Sint Jans Cathedral is built in Brabant Gothic and radiates the prosperity of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the late Middle Ages.

Mountain Biking

A few steps from Dunez are several mountain bike trails that lead you through the national park Loonse and Drunense dunes. The routes lead you through all kinds of nature that this area has to offer: shifting sands, coniferous and deciduous forests and heath. On the mountain bike route there are some beautiful panoramas from where you can enjoy the beautiful vast nature between cycling.
The track
The largest part of the mountain bike route consists of well maintained singletrack. How often you drive the route, the influences of the environment and the weather ensure that it is never exactly the same. Sometimes some pieces from the track are more difficult because of loose sand, but advanced riders see this as a challenge. The majority of the route, however, is in the woods where the singletrack is almost always easily accessible. Moreover; due to the nature of the subsurface, rain water is absorbed quickly. So you can enjoy a dry route fairly quickly after a rainy period. In places where puddles still remain, you can usually cycle around them.
On the mountain bike route through the Loonse and Drunense dunes you will not find parts where you can cycle straight ahead for more than a minute without encountering obstacles. You are constantly working on estimating distance, speed and turns while you will have to switch frequently due to the ever changing surface. This makes the route quite technical, although beginners will also be able to ride the mountain bike route at a lower pace.
Height difference
The mountain bike route in the Loonse and Drunense dunes has relatively little difference in height. Make no mistake, however, in the steep climbs that exist: try them all, even if the surface is not ideal, without stepping over. On some climbs are rubber mats that prevent you lose grip in loose sand.
Mountain bike permit
The Loon and Drunen dunes are a national park, or a protected nature reserve. So you need a permit to be able to mountain bike in the Loonse and Drunense dunes. The standard MTB license consists of a sticker (every year a new one) that you can stick on your helmet or bicycle for example, or which you can wear separately. You must be able to show this permit to the forester or other BOA if you are on the mountain bike route. Not being able to show the license can be a fine. You must of course also be able to identify yourself at all times.
Cost of the permit
A permit is available at various starting points and costs € 12 per calendar year or € 5 for a day license. Now also available online at Natuurmonumenten
(source: mountain biking loonse and drunese dunes)

walking in the Moerputten nature reserve

In 1890 the Langstraaten railway line ‘s-Hertogenbosch-Lage Zwaluwe was taken into use. The track ran through the wet moorland area of the Moerputten and therefore two bridges were built: the Moerputtenbrug and the Venkantbrug.
The 600-meter long railway bridge is a wonderful example of industrial heritage from the 19th century. The enormous, stately colossus consists of a riveted, iron construction resting on 35 masonry pillars.
In 2011 the years of renovation of the bridge was completed and nowadays the bridge is again accessible to walkers. At the foot of the Moerputtenbrug is a floating pontoon from where you can see the famous side view of the bridge. At the bridge heads you can find information about the history of both bridges.
(Source Staatsbosbeheer)

Heusden fortress

Heusden Fortress is a beautifully restored fortified town. You will find nice shops, beautiful galleries, spacious ports and cozy terraces. Every Sunday afternoon the shops are open and you can participate in an interesting city walk with a guide at 2.30 pm.
The fortified town of Heusden has completely restored fortifications and 134 buildings on the Monument List. The town originated around one of the oldest moated castles in north-western Europe and was one of the first Dutch cities to be surrounded by a wall. After 1968, the fortified town was thoroughly restored. Basis for the restoration of this cultural heritage was the map of Blaeu from 1649. With this, Heusden achieved the highest European restoration prize ‘Urbes Nostrae’ in 1980.
Visitors to Heusden Fortress can use the opportunity every Sunday afternoon to go by last minute with a city guide. It is a walk that gives you a good picture of the most beautiful and interesting places in the city. The guide will tell you in five quarters of an hour about the history, about the fortifications, about the restoration of the city and striking buildings. The start is always at 2.30 pm at the Visitor Center at Pelsestraat 17 in Heusden Fortress.

Dunez wellness

The feeling of freedom and relaxation is perhaps the finest of the Dunez experience. How nice can a day be at Dunez? Floating in the pool. Lazy on the sun terrace. pick some shade under a parasol. Pamper yourself with bubbles in the jacuzzi. There are many enjoyable ways to do nothing at Dunez.
Come and enjoy an unforgettable Dunez experience! Due to the nature of pure water in our eco nature swimming pool, you enjoy the feeling of swimming in silk soft water with 100% chlorine free & purified water without chemicals. Swimming is much more fun without the concern of potential health risks. no dry hair, no skin and eye irritation.
Have a nice day enjoying the sun in our beautiful wellness garden. Have a fresh dip or just look for the warmth of our sauna and steam bath. There is enough room around the pool for sunbathing.
The poolside restaurant serves regional cuisine and finger food. At the pool bar you can enjoy a nice cocktail, a cool prosecco or another drink. This is how day can be at Dunez.
Relax your day’s wellness with a cozy evening at Dunez.

nature reserve the Drunense Dunes

National Park De Loonse and Drunense Duinen is also called the Brabant sahara! You will find large sand plains, moors and forests here. Come and enjoy a stroll through the shifting sands, take a bike ride through vast forests or go horse riding or mountain biking on sand hills. Around this Brabant desert you will find plenty of restaurants to quench your thirst!
You can wander anywhere in the drift sand. Enjoy the many birds, insects and roe deer during your walk or bike ride!

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