Welcome to Dunez.
The site of Dunez is one only. And only accessible to men aged 18 and older (ID check).
We watch over your and our properties by means of camera surveillance

The possession, use and dealing of drugs on the entire site is strictly forbidden.
Possession of weapons is forbidden.
No aggression, racism or annoying behavior.
No unwanted intimacies.
Open sexual acts (visible to others) will not be tolerated!
No nuisance for the neighborhood.
Large groups can be refused
Free WIFI is available throughout the site. So you can simply use the phone or tablet. However, it is forbidden to make Photos or movies from other guests.
If you have questions, problems, wishes, you can ask Coen or Martien.
Respect our privacy
Lounge garden
In the garden, both nude and swimsuits can be recreated.
Pets are not allowed in the wellness and catering industry. In the wellness garden, dogs are only allowed if they are on a leash and in no way cause any inconvenience to the other guests.
Whole wellness area is nude area. Towel is allowed. Wearing swimwear is not allowed in the wellness area (only in the garden). Wearing bath slippers is recommended i.v. safety and hygiene. You can bring your own bath slippers or buy bath slippers at the reception for € 7.50 per pair.
In the restaurant, wearing a bathrobe or towel is mandatory.
There is no supervision at the baths ..
Taking a shower prior to your sauna is mandatory at all times; Also, after using one of the facilities, you must first shower the perspiration of your body before using another facility, such as swimming pool, whirlpool. You can leave your personal belongings in the lockers in the changing room. The management is not responsible / liable for the loss of goods and valuables.
Diving in the swimming pools is not allowed.
Make sure that the stoves in the saunas and the steam outlet in the steam cabins are hot.
Your visit to Dunez is at your own risk at all times.
If you have medical complaints, we ask you to consult a doctor first or to obtain information from one of our employees.
Even if you receive treatment with us, we urge you to report medical complaints, allergies and other details to your reservation or to the specialist.

No noise pollution between 22:00 and 8:00.
Use the campsite and facilities with care and respect. Keep the site clean and tidy. You may be naked and dressed at the campsite. In the wellness garden, both dressed and naked can be recreated.
The use of ground sheets, (agricultural) plastic and the like is not permitted. So-called holes ground sails, provided that no other materials are laid. Tents with a fixed groundsheet are of course allowed.
The toilets are connected to a press sewer. Therefore, it is not allowed to deposit non-digestible items in the toilets. In particular, condoms can not be processed by the pump, so do not throw them in the toilets!
Pets are only allowed on the campsite, provided they do not cause any inconvenience in any form. Dogs must be kept on a leash. The dogs must be let out outside the campsite. Remove dog poo on the premises.
Deposit waste separately in the waste bins. Plastic and metal packaging and drink cartons like in a separate bag. Be energy and environmentally conscious, do not leave electrical appliances on unnecessarily.
Pets are not allowed in the guesthouse. Towels and hair dryer, TV etc. Are sure to make your stay at Dunez pleasant. When checking out, you must leave these items in the room. You will be invoiced for these items.
catering industry
Consuming self-taken food or drinks is not allowed. Water bottles are available at the bar. The reservation of sunbeds is not allowed
Dunez is non-smoking. Smoking is permitted on the terrace.
Disturbing behavior, both verbal and non-verbal, is not permitted.
Drinks are not served alcoholic drinks.
in the restaurant, wearing a bathrobe or towel is mandatory.
The house rules and instructions from staff must always be observed.
Guests who do not adhere to this are requested to leave Dunez.
The management is at all times reserved the right to refuse or deny access to the facilities.

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