Our Massages

Our Massages

Classic massage

The classic massage or also called the Swedish massage is a wonderful relaxation massage, where both body and mind relax. By means of strokes and kneading, the blood circulation is stimulated, waste is removed and the muscle tensions are massaged away. In addition, this massage promotes the self-healing ability of the body. This massage massages both the front and back of the body. You will be completely relaxed in no time. 45 min. €45 60 min. €60


The lomi lomi massage is one of the best massages available. It is a Hawaiian massage with a lot of forearms. The flowing and undulating movements, inspired by the sea, improve the energy flow and dissolve energy blockages and wash away the muscle tensions, as it were. Because of the long, graceful movements that the masseur makes, the lomi lomi looks like a dance around the massage table. 60 min. €65,- 90 min. €85,-

Hammam massage

The hammam treatment has its origin in the east. Nowadays there is also more and more interest in this cleaning ritual in Europe and it is experienced as pleasant. During this treatment, your body is cleansed by means of a full-body scrub and a soap bag massage. And it ends with a relaxation massage with oil. After this treatment you are tingly clean, relaxed and ready to tan evenly. 60 min. €65,- 90 min. €85,-

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is, as the name says, a massage with “hot” stones. These basalt stones of volcanic material have a nice round and smooth finish and are heated in water of about 60 degrees Celsius. During this massage, the body is massaged with these stones. This way a wonderful warmth is spread in the body and that ensures ultimate relaxation. 60 min. €65,- 90 min. €85,-

Balinese massage

The Traditional Balinese Massage is a hearty Indonesian massage that originated a long time ago on the beautiful island of Bali. Balinese Massage is a combination of techniques from Swedish massage, Acupressure, Reflexology and Aromatherapy and is mainly used for relaxation. In addition, Balinese Massage, like most other massage techniques, is intended to loosen the muscles and relieve pain. 60 min. €65,- 70 min. €75,- (incl footwash ritual)

Face treat

A facial treatment cleanses and nourishes your skin, it stimulates blood flow and removes waste products and excess moisture. First, the face is cleansed and a face mask is applied. Finally, a nourishing cream is applied to the skin. In short, enjoy a deliciously soft treatment with nourishing, rejuvenating, revitalizing and moisturizing properties. 30 min. €35,-

Body treat

body wrap Healthy skin is important. The Bodywrap (body wrap) ritual consists of three phases: Scrub We start with a delicious scrub. This delicious exfoliating gel feels very soft so that the skin is hydrated and the dead skin cells are removed. The skin is thus perfectly prepared for the rest of the body treatment. Body wrap An algae wrap gives your skin a boost. Our 4 plants body wrap consists of the organic plants. (100% ALGAE) These ingredients are 100% natural, micronized and de-bacterized. Nymphaea alba (the white water lily): moisturizing. Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo): Stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Hibiscus sabdarissa (hibiscus): Firming effect of the epidermis. Pogostemon cablin (patchoulli): Stimulates blood circulation. This rich and creamy body wrap offers an effective anti-oxidant effect, improving the skin color. Cleaning Finally, we clean the skin with a hot towel steam ritual. 30 min. scrub & soap €30,- 90 min. scrub, soap & packing €85 150 min. scrub, soap, packing & massage €140,-

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